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Leader Power Point - Click Here
Copy and paste the code below into your website to have a button that will link directly to the most viewed apologetic gospel presentation on the web!

<script language="JavaScript1.1"> function popwin(filename) { var win = ( filename,'newWin', 'width=600, height=450, toolbar=0, location=0, directories=0, status=0, menuBar=0, scrollBars=0, resizable=0, top=10, left=30' ); } </script>

<a href="javascript:popwin('')" onMouseOver="self.status='got life?® Multimedia Presentation'; return true;" onMouseOut="self.status=''; return true;"><img src="" width=100 height=55 border=0></a>


The script above will place the following on your site.


These downloads will help you lead a group through the Got Life? Materials. It is a violation of copyright laws to make copies of this material and distribute it without the permission of the pubisher.